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Nomination For US Sailing Award For Different Categories Open

United States Sailing is one of the top organizations that organize different sailing championships every year. The organization recognizes organizations and individuals who have made contributed significantly to the sailing sport in the recent time. The organization is now seeking nominations for the Awards of 2018.

The US Sailing is asking for the nominations from all over the industry. The organization has published a release to circulate new about the same. This release says ‘please consider this for bringing recognition to your colleagues in various categories like, community sailing, one-design, training and education, sportsmanship, adaptive, management and race administration. The deadlines of nominations are approaching, so it is request; please submit nomination(s) as early as possible.’

The award categories are:

Community Sailing Awards

  • Creative Innovations in Programming Award
  • Jim Kilroy Outstanding Outreach and Inclusion Award
  • Excellence in Instruction Award
  • Over 10 Years of Hallmark Performance
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Outstanding Community Sailing Program
  • Outstanding Organizational Leader
  • Outstanding Program Director

One-Design Sailing Awards

  • John H. Gardiner Jr. Trophy: One-Design Service Award
  • One-Design Regatta Award
  • One-Design Leadership Award
  • One-Design Creativity Award
  • One-Design Club Award

Adaptive Sailing Award

  • Robie Pierce Award for Outstanding Adaptive Community Sailing Program
  • Gary S. Lynn Memorial Trophy

Sportsmanship Award

  • Trophy, W. Van Alan Clark

Training and Education Awards

Excellence in Sailing Instruction Captain Joe Prosser Award
Timothea Larr Trophy for Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Sailor Education
Virginia Long Sail Training and Service Support Award

Race Administration and Management Awards

  • The St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy
  • The Harman Hawkins Trophy

The complete information about the award categories as well as nomination links is available on this URL visit

The terms and conditions for the nomination of different categories are also present in the same URL.