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In excessive heat there is nothing better than to take refuge in a fresh environment

It is important to take some care when purchasing and installing air conditioning. One must consider, for example, the size of the space to choose the right power. Anyone who already owns the appliance needs to be smart with proper maintenance and use. After all, it’s no use calling the windows open, right? Check out our guide and freshen up already.

How it works?

The principle is similar to that of the refrigerator. A substance capable of cooling absorbs heat from the air drawn from an internal environment. The side effect is the drying of the air, since the water is condensed, that is, it goes from the gaseous state to the liquid. On the other hand, dehumidification removes odors, mold, dust, bacteria and other suspended solids. In order to know more about Air conditioning installation Geelong, you can always take the help of the internet.

Refrigerating capacity

To ensure that the device works properly, take into account factors such as the size of the environment, the incidence of sun, the number of people and the number of electronic devices.

Fresh cuisine

The air conditioning can be installed in any environment of the house, including the kitchen. However, this place requires special attention. It is imperative to have a hood or the smell and grease resulting from the preparation of meals will stop inside the filter of the equipment. Due to the heat coming from the stove, it is important to get a qualified professional to calculate the required power and evaluate the best place for the installation.

Split Air Conditioning Installation

Because it is composed of two separate units, the split is more complex, requiring the hiring of skilled professionals and masonry services. The internal unit, the evaporator, is responsible for sucking hot air and emanating cool air, cooling and filtering the air. Already the external unit, the condenser, expels the heat and houses the compressor, ensuring less noise in the environment.

To boost your air conditioning, take some precautions

Doors, windows, blinds or curtains must be closed to prevent heat exchange with other environments. Turn the unit off and on again after 3 minutes. To cool the environment, always direct the air outlet upwards and, to warm up, down.

The process of cleaning

The first step is to turn off the air conditioner from the outlet. In most products, the filter can be washed. Use mild soap and water and dry thoroughly. With HEPA and carbon filters already present on some split models, use only a vacuum cleaner. It is worth remembering that cleaning the unit periodically increases its performance and ensures the quality of the air in the environment.