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Navi Of Perini Renovates The Rigging System Of Modern Sailing Yacht

There are numerous instances where some of the yachts who have created lots of milestones are renovated. And in that listed, one more name was recently added and it was of Maltese Falcon.

When the Falcon was constructed it was not a classic yacht but it was a totally new yacht. Its sailing system (Falcon Rig) was known as revolutionary because it set a milestone in the history of yachting when it was originally delivered by the Perini Navi in the year 2006. In the last 12 years, the Italian shipyard has tried to update the existing naval architecture in order to make a platform for a sailing-yacht which is unique. They have increased the platform from 42 meters to 92 meters.

They are trying to keep the platform much wider and they have assessed that if it will 72-meter (236-foot) version, then the platform will keep the yacht more stable as it keels over less, occupy more volume, and will allow more space for the accommodation of owner. The transom and wider hull will provide a layout which is more ordinarily used in huge motor yachts having a platform of the beach, an outside-inside theme, and an open side hull. The power increase will provide more velocity which will help the Falcon Rigs to push their limits. And the design will give more space and luxurious look which means the guests and roam around and can have fun in the boat without any safety issue.

After incorporating many changes in the design the Perini Navi said that “they have done many changes to ensure that their owner gets everything that a good motor yacht will offer, and that includes the pleasure of going on sailing and that too without any complication of any standard rig. And with these designs, they have also tried to give the yacht a decent look for the owners who look for simplicity.”

Nomination For US Sailing Award For Different Categories Open

United States Sailing is one of the top organizations that organize different sailing championships every year. The organization recognizes organizations and individuals who have made contributed significantly to the sailing sport in the recent time. The organization is now seeking nominations for the Awards of 2018.

The US Sailing is asking for the nominations from all over the industry. The organization has published a release to circulate new about the same. This release says ‘please consider this for bringing recognition to your colleagues in various categories like, community sailing, one-design, training and education, sportsmanship, adaptive, management and race administration. The deadlines of nominations are approaching, so it is request; please submit nomination(s) as early as possible.’

The award categories are:

Community Sailing Awards

  • Creative Innovations in Programming Award
  • Jim Kilroy Outstanding Outreach and Inclusion Award
  • Excellence in Instruction Award
  • Over 10 Years of Hallmark Performance
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Outstanding Community Sailing Program
  • Outstanding Organizational Leader
  • Outstanding Program Director

One-Design Sailing Awards

  • John H. Gardiner Jr. Trophy: One-Design Service Award
  • One-Design Regatta Award
  • One-Design Leadership Award
  • One-Design Creativity Award
  • One-Design Club Award

Adaptive Sailing Award

  • Robie Pierce Award for Outstanding Adaptive Community Sailing Program
  • Gary S. Lynn Memorial Trophy

Sportsmanship Award

  • Trophy, W. Van Alan Clark

Training and Education Awards

Excellence in Sailing Instruction Captain Joe Prosser Award
Timothea Larr Trophy for Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Sailor Education
Virginia Long Sail Training and Service Support Award

Race Administration and Management Awards

  • The St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy
  • The Harman Hawkins Trophy

The complete information about the award categories as well as nomination links is available on this URL visit

The terms and conditions for the nomination of different categories are also present in the same URL.

Wind Gust Pushed Mega Sailing Yacht Damages Pilings In Portland Harbor

The M5 has made a number of visits to the Portland waterfront and it was at the docked over the weekend at the time when it pulled a floating pier away from its pilings. A gust of wind which was very strong set the largest single-masted sailing yacht in the world adrift in Portland Harbor all the weekend.

On Saturday, there was powerful and a sudden gust came a little after 8:15 a.m. It caught the broadside of the superyacht which was 277-foot-long and 54-foot-wide, The Kevin Battle Harbor Master said that vessel has been docked at the DiMillo’s Marina after the incident that is Sept. 3. The gust was combined with the tide and it created a tremendous amount of force that the vessel ripped a floating dock at a distance from several pilings.

Though at the one end the fleet remained attached, the perpendicular went to its intended location. This prevented the superyacht and many other vessels from being set adrift, Battle narrated. He said, “It is really sad.” There is nothing that DiMillio’s has hosted many large size vessels all through the years without incident. “At one point of time, we had a lot of forces pushing all at once and in the one direction.”

The good thing is that the only damage that the incident caused was to the pilings. Some of the pilings were bent and broken, he said. On Monday morning, a small crane was brought to the place for making repairs, and the M5 was placed at the end of Chandler’s Wharf.

Electrical lines and gas remained intact to the cock during the incident, thus, no fuel was spilled into the harbor. As a safety point of view, the gas lines have been kept shut at the time of repairs.

Closure Of Yacht Rolex Cup Season

The final day saw a great sunshine and westerly winds of 10 to 15 knots during the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup & Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship. There were 41 competitors out of which the Wally division raced 2 final windward leewards as the rest sailed Bomb Alley with everyone. However, the slower Mini Maxi division rounded Spargi before their return as they had crossed past La Maddalena Archipelago.  

In the pinnacle event, the most significant victory was achieved by Wally 77 Lyra in the Wally class. The surprising thing was that it was the first regatta for Terry Hui, her owner driver who is a Chinese Canadian. She achieved 2-1 and her score line made her win 5 times, setting her up nicely for her start in the Volvo Ocean Race.

Hui said it was a wonderful surprise and an amazing experience to be a part of the Porto Cervo event. It is undoubtedly the best harbors across the globe and sailing with finest sailors is a great moment indeed as per Hui. The Wally owners were quite interesting and friendly and Hui has been lucky to be surrounded by such people during the competition. The actual story is that her crew did make up for his mistakes as he decided to sail only two and a half months before. With the help of his crew, he did complete the race with flying colors.

It was a good way to start sailing career for Terry as noticed by the tactician of Lyra Hamish Pepper, who was a part of the ground work. The 3 Wallycentos were constantly fighting and trying to slow themselves and Pepper and his team were only a click ahead as far as J One is concerned. Hence, after duration of 10 to 15 minutes, they were able to sail their own race successfully. It was one of the interesting matches to watch and viewers had a great time.

Fine Progress of Yachting all Over the World

Among the most famous yacht races around the world are the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, organized in 1968-1969 (the first yacht race around the world), Vendée Globe (initiated in 1989 by Philippe Jeantot), Global Challenge, The Race (organized in 2000 by Bruno Peyron), Oryx Quest (organized in 2005 with Qatar start), Volvo Ocean Race and Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

The first navigation around the world belonged to the explorer Juan SebastiánElcano and the remaining members of Fernando Magellan’s crew who completed the voyage in 1522. Joshua Slocum completed the first man-made voyage in 1898.

Most racing or trials of bullfighters who start on their own on the water journey leave Europe

Due to the continent’s configuration, water travel around the world includes the Antarctic mainland, sailing south of Cape Horn, Cape of Good Hope, and Leeuwin’s Head. Since 1918, Panama Channel is a navigation option. The trip to the East through the southern hemisphere is favored by the dominant currents, many yacht commanders preferring this route.

Clipper Round the World Race competition in full swing

  • The latest edition of the competition began on September 1, 2013, at St Katharine Docks, London, and yachts currently compete in Singapore Qingdao, China.
  • The Clipper Round the World Race was launched in 1995 by English sailor Robin Knox-Johnston, the first man to make the world round the water, without stopping, in 312 days between 14 June 1968 and 22 April 1969.
  • Together with William Ward, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston set up Clipper Ventures, the company that runs the race. Several directors joined the business with his development, but Knox-Johnston, along with Ward and Jeremy Knight, who joined in 1998, is the core of the leadership, and they are now the only executives.
  • The crew can enroll for a full race or for one or more segments. In the yacht race yachts are used lighter and faster than other competitions, and routes follow the predominant currents. Teams compete for the Times Clipper 2000 Crystal Trophy.

The duration of a competition is up to 12 months and from 1996 to 2002 it has been held for two years, then took a one-year break and started in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011.

The Latest Options Now

Since 1996, the Clipper Race has gathered more than 2,000 participants from different domains and sides of society, which has turned them into long-distance riders. Approximately half of them do not have navigation experience, and 40% are generally women. At the inaugural race, yachts did not have the names of sponsors. In 2000, the Times magazine became a sponsor and called the ‘Millennium Project’ competition. All these historical information and the modern ideas are now available in now. You can have a look at them also.