Why Should Backpackers Consider a Private Hostel Room?

Backpackers who choose to travel the world on a budget should keep in mind that just because one travels on a budget, that does not mean one has to relinquish certain amenities one has become accustomed to enjoying.

Most hostels offer a dorm type setting for one to sleep. These backpackers accommodations could be a room with as few as 10 to as many as 20 beds. If the concept of sleeping with large groups of strangers is a rather daunting one, a backpacker can choose to book a private hostel room where they can enjoy the added security a smaller room can offer as well as some valuable alone time.

Private Room Options

There is a wide range of private rooms for backpackers to choose from. The first type is the single bed private room. These rooms are the smallest private rooms available and they are also the hardest to come by. Twin private hostel rooms have two separate beds or a bunk bed. Double private hostel rooms have two double beds or a king sized one. Finally, private family hostel rooms allow loved ones or small groups to share a space which most commonly consists of a double bed and a bunk bed. In all of these cases, the sleeping arrangements are private, but the cooking and restroom facilities are shared with fellow hotel dwellers. This keeps the door open for meeting new people while in Melbourne.

While rare, some hostels offer apartments and suites that have individual kitchens and bathrooms. In all cases, booking a private room should be done as early as possible. One has to understand that private room accessibility, especially during the busy season, will be hard to come by.

Being able to lock a door at night before going to sleep always provides an added sense of comfort when in a strange place. For a backpacker, a private hostel room can allow for a little more peace of mind when it comes to making sure one’s valuables are safe. In addition to a private room, a backpacker can utilize a locker or even a safe while at a hostel.

Private hostel rooms are especially valuable to single travelers. Being able to socialize with fellow backpackers is great, but when traveling alone it’s often more comforting if one retires for the night in privacy.

For female backpackers, a private hostel room can satiate the need for security and privacy. Some hostels offer all female rooms and floors while there are even all female hostels for additional comfort while abroad.

While security is important, the main thing a private room gives is, well privacy. Sometimes one just needs peace and quiet to recharge and regroup after a busy day. In a private room, one can have the liberty to do as one wishes while not infringing upon the peace of others. In a private room, one can make phone calls, count money, and or if the situation allows, privately enjoy the company of friends, family and loved ones.

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